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(This commentary piece also appears in THE VETERAN, Spring 2004 (Volume 34, Number 1).)

Anybody But Bush

By VVAW National Staff and Coordinators

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As an organization, Vietnam Veterans Against the War cannot support candidates for public office. BUT IF VVAW COULD ENDORSE A CANDIDATE, THE LAST CANDIDATE FOR PUBLIC OFFICE THAT WE WOULD EVER ENDORSE WOULD BE GEORGE W. BUSH.

Bush has waged the first acknowledged pre-emptive war in U.S. history. In the name of weapons of mass destruction not found, in the name of terrorist connections not found, and in the name of defending against a nonexistent threat to the United States, Bush has senselessly squandered the lives of hundreds of American youths and the lives of thousands of Iraqis of all ages (children, adults, and the elderly). Testimony from members of his own administration strongly suggests that this action by the president was premeditated.

To support this war and tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, the Bush administration has mortgaged our children's futures with the greatest deficit in U.S. history and exported (or outsourced) millions of jobs greatly needed by less wealthy Americans, including the veterans of Bush's wars.

Bush's attempt to present himself as a combat pilot landing on an aircraft carrier while denying the absence of his record of even minimal active service is a slap in the face to all of us who did serve.

Bush's treatment of American veterans of military service is unconscionable. While making massive cuts in veterans' services to veterans of prior wars, this administration has shamelessly ignored the needs of a whole new generation of veterans suffering from physical and mental disabilities that are the results of this administration's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Hence it is with certainty and a sense of pride that we fail to support, and state our non-endorsement of, George W. Bush.

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