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Vietnam Veterans Against the War Statement on John Kerry

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Since Vietnam Veterans Against the War's inception in 1967, tens of thousands of vets, GIs and supporters have participated in and supported the actions of VVAW. One of those members in the early 1970s was John Kerry.

VVAW national leader Al Hubbard appointed Kerry to the VVAW Executive Committee to assist in preparing Dewey Canyon III, VVAW's limited incursion into the land of Congress in 1971. Kerry made his greatest contribution to the anti-war movement and to VVAW in his speech to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on April 23, 1971. Content of the speech is found at: http://lists.village.virginia.edu/sixties/HTML_docs/Resources/Primary/Manifestos/VVAW_Kerry_Senate.html

By 1972, John Kerry had moved on from VVAW. He was not one of the original founding members of VVAW in 1967.

Senator John Kerry should not be confused with Senator Bob Kerrey of Nebraska, also a highly-decorated Vietnam combat veteran who was accused of an alleged atrocity against Vietnamese civilians.

VVAW as an organization does not endorse candidates for public office.

VVAW is working to end the war in Iraq and demand decent benefits for all vets.

To learn more about VVAW, visit our website: http://www.vvaw.org

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