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The Game of the Century: IVAW vs. the Neocons

By Ward Reilly

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IVAW in St. Louis

"War Is Not A Game!," I heard 75 members of Iraq Veterans Against the War scream out, as they stood at attention in company formation at a protest they planned, taking place near a display of military vehicles, recruiters, civilians, and active duty troops in St. Louis on Saturday, August 18th.

IVAW members were attending their 2nd national meeting, and they decided to do a street action when they learned of the military exhibition going on nearby. It was a beautiful action, done in military style, except using reality as ammo.

I was most fortunate, as a member of VVAW and VFP, and as a supporter of IVAW since day-one, when they formed back in the fall of 2004, to have been allowed to sit in on their (closed) national meeting, and to take part in their demonstration. I also took part in their board-member election by counting the votes for them. IVAW Executive Director Kelly Dougherty asked me to help them with that easy chore. It was a golden opportunity for me to become corrupted, but I couldn't find a single member that was willing to bribe me. DAMN!

Seriously, this is the most important fight of the century, folks. In one corner, it's Iraq Veterans Against the War, also known as"The Truth," and in the other corner it's the Neocons, also known as the "Death Machine." WWF you ask? Hardly. This is the war for peace. The prize for the winner of this battle will not be a trophy or a belt, rather it will be the concept of the United States, and what the common people believe in.

This fight will NOT be seen on FOX television.

The losers, should it be IVAW, will be EVERY US citizen that lives today, for we will forever be known as the"New Nazis," in the eyes of the world. If Bush and Cheney are allowed by Congress, and we the people, to get away with their genocide, without justice being served to them, our nation is finished, period.

By default, IVAW can only win if Bush and Cheney are brought to justice before the next presidential inauguration. Anything short of a resignation and/or their indictment before then, means that the Constitution is lost forever. The USA will be DOA. Preventive warfare will now be the world standard, and who poses the biggest threat to world today with 25,000 nuclear bombs? We do, of course.

Iraq Veterans Against the War are the most legitimate voice of the anti-war movement, period. Young men and women that have been to Iraq or Afghanistan, and know the truth about what is happening there. Brave, beautiful, and mad. Intelligent, damaged, and spit out by a lying administration. Sickened by what they know to be the real story of Iraq, that being that the US military is being used as an oppressive police and occupation force, to protect the mercenary oil-army of the Neocons, at the cost of our soldiers sanity.

IVAW has served. Their enemy (all residing in Washington) is ruthless. Their enemy is bloodthirsty. Their enemy is clueless to reality. Their enemy never served anything but themselves, but controls the military.

IVAW is ready to make a stand. They are organized, willing, and able to lead the anti-war movement to victory. We can only help them as much as possible, and hope that they can win this fight for peace and justice.

"War Is Not A Game," and IVAW isn't in the mood to play any longer.

I encourage every so-called leader, of EVERY organization against the war, to seek them out. Send them money. Bring their members to your people and to your actions. Watch, listen, and learn about how we can stop the war pigs, by allowing IVAW into their rightful, and hard earned position, as leaders of the anti-war movement. They lead with the truth, and they are all on-message.

We need these Iraq and Afghanistan vets speaking in Congress NOW. We need them on 60 Minutes NOW. By my way of thinking, as of August, we have 17 months until the next presidential inauguration, which means IVAW, and the USA, has 17 months left to win, to save the nation, and to survive this Neocon-induced disgrace, aka the occupation of the Middle East.

The time for any political correctness has come and gone. We marched against this war before it started, and the politicians said F#@K YOU!

We voted that the war to be stopped last November, and the politicians told all 300 million of us F#@K YOU!

We've done everything that we could, by peaceful means. Now we must change tactics. It's time to"storm the Bastille."

IVAW represents the America we dream of. The Bush administration are war criminals, that resemble Hitler in action, and they will bring us ALL down in shame if we don't stop them BEFORE they retire into the (bloody) sunset.

"WAR IS NOT A GAME" I heard IVAW scream.

"The surge is a success" I hear General Betray-us wimper.

It's David vs. Goliath, and Goliath has 25,000 nuclear bombs at his disposal... but David has the truth.

It's winner-take-all time folks, and it's time to rise from your seats and work for"The Truth." If I recall the story correctly, David wins.

Peace is not a game, either.

<< 30. War Supporters "Spit" on Iraq War Vets in DC32. Camouflage Blues >>

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