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Some Photos from the 1970s

It all started in 1967, with six Vietnam veterans marching together in a peace demonstration. Now, fifty-one years later, VVAW is still going strong-- continuing its fight for peace, justice, and the rights of all veterans.

Explore these pages; see what we've done, what we do, and why we do it. The struggle continues, perhaps these days more than ever. VVAW has never stopped working to protect the welfare of those who served their country.

Will you join us?

march Latest Commentary: From the National Office 2018 - Another year of terrible anniversaries. ...

Taken from "The Struggle Continues" by Joe Miller Read More

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Excerpt From  THE VETERAN:  Now Online

Taken from The Struggle Continues by Joe Miller:

From the National Office 2018 - Another year of terrible anniversaries. Fifty years since the Tet Offensive, the My Lai massacre, the assassinations of King and Kennedy, a 'police riot' at the Democratic National Convention, and the election of Nixon who continued 'our war' for another seven years. Fifteen years since George W. Bush's invasion of Iraq, a war that spawned even greater conflicts and continuous casualties to troops and civilians in places many of us could not find on a map. Hundreds of thousands of lives lost! Trillions of dollars blown! And the wars go on. We in VVAW never thought that 50 years after events that shook the world and made us who we are, we'd still be around. Sixteen years ago we actually began discussions about shutting down. With the new wars in Southwest Asia, old VVAW members came out of the woodwork, looking to re-up and voice their opposition.... Read More


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