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War Supporters "Spit" on Iraq War Vets in DC

By Ward Reilly

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IVAW in DC, September 15, 2007

Fifty Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans, members of Iraq Veterans Against the War, led 100,000 other American citizens in a huge demonstration and march in Washington DC on September 15. They were exercising the Rights that they thought they had just earned on the battlefield. Behind them, thousands of other military veterans, including many members of VVAW and VFP followed.

IVAW marched as in a military company, in formation, with a 7 man honor guard front and center, all in their military uniforms. They carried the US flag, as did many of the vets and citizens, in the position of "distress."

ALL of them were called "cowards," "traitors" or "disgraces"... there were hundreds of "fuck you's" screamed at them, and there were even screams of "we'll kill YOU later" coming from the pathetic group of 1,000 pro war citizens that formed a thin line in a few small areas along the route of the march, and the pro-war group ALL claimed that they "supported the troops."

Does any else see the extreme irony here?

This "proud" group of fanatics even took the time to stomp on the father of an Iraq war KIA, as he was walking back to his car after the march had ended. They kicked him a dozen times when he was down on the ground, and shredded the picture of his son that he carries on top of the coffin that he was pulling. I guess the "Eagles" support "Gold Star" family's too. And not a cop in sight. The police were all waiting for us at the Capitol I guess, protecting an empty building against the petition to end the war that was signed by about 1,000,000 people, that we wanted to leave there.

Apparently "spitting on the troops," as it were, equates to "supporting the troops," at least if you are a so-called "Gathering of Eagles" or "Move America Forward" member, which are pro-neocon, pro-war groups. This gang is given support by the national media, in the form of Michele Malkin and Rush Limbaugh, among others... 2 more military experts that blindly suck Dick Cheney's ass. Two more war freaks that never served a second in the military.

The "Eagles" even had bright red arm bands, just like the nazis used to wear, except with black eagles instead of swastikas. I swear.

The Cheney and Bush fan club.

They are more like the "Gathering of Vultures," if you ask me. They support the genocidal slaughter of innocent people. They support killing kids and torturing innocent humans. They support the sending of our children into an unjust occupation, where they are hated for being occupiers, so their minds will be screwed forever. You know, troop and flag support. But the troops know the truth.

This is one group of eagles that is fortunately on the endangered list, and becoming extinct soon.

In that there were 1,000 of them, vs. 100,000 anti-war attendees at the march, you can get a true representation of the percentage of the nation that still supports having troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. 99% against the occupation, and 1% for the occupation. The majority rules here, right?

I love it when these folks show up to scream and hate. I'm from south Louisiana, and they give any protest march sort of an Mardi Gras feel. Anti Mardi Gras that is. I felt like throwing them something...doubloons, beads, or maybe my old military medals or awards. I want to tell them "thanks for your support," you know?

Can you even imagine standing on the side of the road for 5 hours so that you can scream "fuck you traitors" to a bunch of military veterans as they walk by? How sick is that? All that troop support is going to give those eagles a heart attack someday, and it can't be soon enough.

What they have done by spitting on the troops, especially by hating the Iraq and Afghan vets, is simply traitorous. Just like their heroes are. And the way that they conduct themselves represents the Bush administrations policies perfectly.

Thanks for showing up, Eagles, the anti-war movement needs your type of "support" to stop the wars. Keep it up, FOX is watching you. And you taught these newly returned vets, and thousands of our new radical youth, who really spits on the troops, and who really supports the troops.

To see a video of the "Gathering Of Eagles" members "supporting our troops," or if you have any doubts about the claims in this article, go to: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlbU5ubDy30

Ward Reilly is the Southeast national contact for VVAW.

The Eagles "supporting the troops"

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