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From Practical Advice on Organizing by David Cline (Reviewer):

A Citizen's Guide to Grassroots Campaigns By Jan Barry Rutgers University Press   Jan Barry is one of the unsung heroes of the Vietnam war era. Born in Ithaca, New York during World War II, his childhood ambition was to attend West Point. He joined the Army in 1962 and volunteered for Vietnam where he was a radio/navigation operator for planes supplying Special Forces units. After his return, he received an appointment to West Point, the first cadet there who had already served in Vietnam. But he came home from Vietnam disillusioned with the escalating U.S. military involvement there. While in country, he got what he called "an education in colonial military policy." He witnessed Buddhist demonstrations in Nha Trang and the U.S.-supported Saigon regime's response of "tanks and machine guns and barbed wire all over the country." He concluded that he was "being had." He soon dropped out of West Point and got out of the Army... Read More

Also In This Issue:

  1. Vietnam Veterans Against the War Statement on September 11 Attacks by VVAW
  2. From the National Office by Barry Romo
  3. From VVAW's National Steering Committee 10/27/01 by VVAW
  4. Notes From the Boonies by Paul Wisovaty
  5. Fraggin' by Bill Shunas
  6. 600 Homeless Veterans Served with a Smile by Barry Romo
  7. Standdown Thankyou by Bill Branson
  8. Two Fundraisers, Two Successes by Bob Riggle and John Zutz
  9. Memorial Day, Zablocki Medical Center by Bob Riggle
  10. Veterans Memorial Dedicated by David Cline
  11. It's Good to be With Friends: Memorial Day in Chicago by Joe Miller
  12. Blessings and Responsibilities by Jack Surisook
  13. The Afro-Colombian Community: Caught in the Middle of the Armed Conflict in Colombia by Luis G. Murillo
  14. Twin fates on a towering day; Thoughts on September 11th 2001 on September 12th by Horace Coleman
  15. Reflecting on My Lai and Thanh Phong by Stephen Sinsley
  16. Dewey Canyon III by Mark Hartford
  17. John Kerry on Angry Young Men and War Criminals by Joe Miller
  18. VVAW Statement on Robert Kerrey by Clarence Fitch Chapter of VVAW
  19. VVAW 1970 by James May
  20. 'Hanoi Jane' and 'Thanh Phong Bob' by Joe Bangert
  21. Home from the War by Jim Willingham
  22. For DC Corporal, D Company, 41st Infantry, Operation Desert Storm by Dave Connolly
  23. China Is Right About the Spy Plane Incident by David Ewing
  24. U.S. Military Wages War Against Itself And Against The World by Robert Rabin
  25. A Shout For Peace by VVAW
  26. Not in Our Son's Name by Phyllis and Orlando Rodriguez
  27. Practical Advice on Organizing by David Cline (Reviewer)
  28. My View by John Zutz
  29. Patriotism by Dave Connolly
  30. The Promised Land, Nicaragua by Louis De Benedette
  31. Recollections - "Render Unto Caesar . . ." by Jerry Lembcke

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