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Remembrance of Ann Bailey

By John Lindquist

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RIP Ann Lynne Bailey
December 7, 1948-April 30, 2021.

Ann was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and grew up in Hinsdale, Illinois. In the early 1950s, her family moved to Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin. Her parents were Robert Bailey, a WWII Army Veteran who served in Europe, and Ruby Bailey, née King, who was active in theater and spent WWII in New York City. Both of them supported VVAW. Annie joined VVAW in April 1971 at Operation Dewey Canyon III. From 1971 until her death, she worked hard in the Milwaukee chapter. The small group of women in VVAW grew and participated in all of VVAW's actions. In 1972 Ann was in Miami Beach. In 1973, she was in Gainesville, Florida for the Gainesville Eight trial.

At times she traveled and stayed with VVAW chapters to help with their work. The Karl Armstrong Trial is one example. She helped in the 1970s and 1980s with all the work around the Veterans Administration. She was involved in the non-violent takeovers, social events, and the opening of Milwaukee's first Veterans Center. She brought the magic brownies.

The women of the veteran community were strong. They were involved in all of VVAW's activities. Ann was part of the women who put together the Agent Orange Dossier.

Annie was always at the campouts. In the kitchen, in the rolling tray, and she loved entertaining the kids with the pig's eyeballs.

Ann also worked at the city of Milwaukee's election commission and was a proud public employee from 1982 to 1999. Ann also said. "If you don't vote, don't complain."

We will always remember Ann L. Bailey. Her work to help end the war in Vietnam and her work on Decent Benefits for All Veterans was effective. Look at how great our VA system is today compared to 1970!

I would say "Annie you had a direct effect. Thank you. Rest in Peace."

John Lindquist is a long-time VVAW member from Milwaukee, now living in England.

Annie Bailey at Dewey Canyon IV - May 12, 1982.

Annie Bailey and John Lindquist at Dewey Canyon IV - May 12, 1982.

Annie Bailey at Chicago VA takeover, 1975.

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