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Page 50
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Memorial Day for the First Dead (poem)

By Larry Kerschner

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"Americans are saddened this morning
with news that a life of a heroic service member
has been taken in our glorious fight against
the evil of radical Islamic children,"
President Trump said in a Reality TV statement.
In an alternative fact
the US flag has lost touch with history

William Ryan Owens who died Sunday
January 29, 2017 was promoted in rank
after his wasted death during a midnight raid
on a small desert village in Yemen

Innocent civilians were "likely" to have been killed
in a US commando raid in Yemen
over the weekend and
children may have been among the dead,
US Central Command said

Thirty civilians
two possible Al-Qaeda
foot-soldiers were killed
nine dead children including a baby

bitter wind dressed up like the future
with no place to go

there was no promotion in rank for the children

—Larry Kerschner

<< 49. Section 60 at Arlington (poem)51. An Ally Confronts the Draft >>

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