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Parva Mundi

By Marc Levy

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My article A Discomforting Letter From a Comfortable Town, published in Issue 49, Number 2 of The Veteran, describes my reading The Gypsies by Jan Yoors while on patrols in Vietnam, and fifty years later, before joining a march with VFP in Rockport, Massachusetts, meeting his next of kin.

In the spring 2020 issue of Three Penny Review, a lit journal in newspaper format published four times a year, Irene Oppenheimer has a short piece in which she recalls her family's tiny three room apartment in New York's Little Italy, the parks near Greenwich Village, and how, as a student, an older woman asked her to model for her artist husband. Irene relates the modeling experience, and how Jan Yoors got a little too close for comfort. In March 2020 I emailed Irene and sent her my article about Jan Yoors. From Los Angeles, she wrote back. In passing, Irene noted her former husband was a member of Veterans for Peace, and she named him. Of all things, I had met this man twenty years ago when visiting VFP friend Dayl Wise (Echo 2/5 First Cavalry '69) and his wife, the poet Allison Koffler, in Woodstock, NY. First Jan Yoors in 1970. Then his wife Marianne, and their son, Vanya, in 2019. Then Irene and the late Jay Wenk in 2020. Parva Mundi.

Marc Levy served as a medic with Delta 1-7 First Cavalry in Vietnam/Cambodia 1970. His website is Medic in the Green Time.com.

<< 24. Almost Dust26. The Flight Home >>

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