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Page 21
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Mister President (poem)

By Dayl Wise

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Mr. President, see me below!
A simple goat herder,
your drones overhead
sparkle from reflected sunlight
like giant spoons.
A white flash of hope.

Mr. President, walk with me!
A simple goat herder,
on this rocky hillside.
We will talk as men do.

Mr. President, tend my goats!
They will eat anything, sticks,
twigs, turfs of grass, providing you
milk, meat, leather, hides.

Mr. President, invite me!
to your White House.
We could walk in the garden,
talk of family, take photographs,
sneak cigarettes and sip beers.

Mr. President, hear, listen to Me!
I want only to herd my flock,
return to my family whole,
sleep under the stars with my wife
in my black goat haired tent. .

Mr. President, remember me!
I wait for your change and
tell my daughters it will come
as you do to yours.

-Dayl Wise
1st CAV E 2/5 1970

<< 20. War's Strange Wound (poem)22. The Ghost of Genocide Past (poem) >>