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Available Soon: VVAW 50 Years of Struggle


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VVAW: 50 Years of Struggle
The Legacy of Vietnam Veterans Against the War

The book describes the moving history of VVAW over five decades and provides a timeline of VVAW's positions, protests, and takeovers. It also sets those powerful actions in the context of each era, starting with topics ranging from the impact of the civil rights movement, to the draft, to flawed operations in Vietnam.

By following five decades of VVAW, the reader also sees the evolution of US foreign policy mired in war crimes and domination; the intergenerational failures of the Veterans Administration; the unfolding of the story of Agent Orange; and much, much more.

The book will delight members of VVAW, but it is also written so that they may be understood—so that others can glimpse inside the world of these anti-war veterans and understand why they stood together and defied the wars, the racism, and the injustices of their times.

Published by and for VVAW, research for the book relied on VVAW archives. In addition to telling the overall history of the organization itself, it also thanks over 450 members who helped drive and inspire the organization. Fully indexed for use in libraries and classrooms.

Available for $19.95 soon, Stay tuned to VVAW's website and Facebook page for release details.

"Truth, it is said, is war's first casualty. Memory is its second."

—Tom Hayden, anti-war activist

<< 2. VVAW 50th Celebrations4. Fighting Racists Then and Now >>