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At the beginning of 2014, VVAW began an Archive Project to document and preserve the work of VVAW and its members for future generations. Our goal is to archive photos, flyers, publications, and other materials documenting the history of VVAW and its members. Over the past few years, VVAW staff have worked to fully digitize VVAW's newspaper, The Veteran, by creating PDF documents of each issue and also typing up the articles to create searchable text for the VVAW website.

The archives at the Wisconsin Historical Society represent the largest and most comprehensive archives of VVAW and its members to date and will be VVAW's official archive home. However, there are smaller archives from VVAW members in other locations, including the Vietnam Center and Archives at Texas Tech University (see below for more information).

As we get ready to collect more items for the archives, you have an important role to play. Take a moment to look at what you may have and organize it. Think about where you would like these items to go after you are gone. To safeguard that your items go to where you want them to go, make sure to let your family know of your wishes and/or document them in your will. The Wisconsin Historical Society will be most interested in your anti-war work with VVAW after your service. But if you have items from when you served, or other personal items you want archived, you should contact your local or state historical archive to see what items they may be interested in preserving.

Established Archives for VVAW and VVAW Members

VVAW's The Veteran

VVAW's Media Gallery featuring videos and photos

Archives at Wisconsin Historical Society (official VVAW Archive)
For more information:
Wisconsin Historical Society
816 State St.
Madison, WI 53706
Items include:
Vietnam Center and Archives at Texas Tech University
For more information:
The Vietnam Archive
Texas Tech University
PO Box 41041
Lubbock, TX 79409-1041
Items include:
The Sixties Project
For more information:
Kali Tal
PO Box 13746
Tucson, AZ 85711
Has not been updated since 1999
Items include:


America in Protest: Records of Anti-Vietnam War Organizations — Vietnam Veterans Against the War

University of Florida Samuel Proctor Oral History Project — VVAW and the Gainesville 8

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Last updated June 4, 2016.