From Vietnam Veterans Against the War,

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Letter to the Editor

By Dave Kreckel

Dear Mr. Kettenhofen,

Thank you for the prompt delivery of bumper stickers that I recently ordered. That kind of swift mail delivery normally only comes in the form of bills!

I'm not a 'Nam vet, but did lose my brother John at FSB Ripcord, July 22, 1970. He hated that war, but loved his country and went to fight when he was called up. He died saving a buddy's life as a Cobra opened fire in error.

Two years ago I learned of the existence of a book, Ripcord, by Keith Nolan. Because of that book I've met many of the guys my brother lived and fought with 37 years ago. The Ripcord guys have a reunion each year around the time the firebase was abandoned (7/23), and they've unofficially taken me in as one of their own... their little brother!

I hope that in some small way I can do my part to end the senseless destruction of life such fiascos cause.

I saw my dad sitting on the front porch crying when he found out that my brother had died. My dad never cried. Dads all across this country are crying tonight, unfortunately.


Dave Kreckel

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