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Kent State 40th Anniversary

By Bruce Hyland

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In recent years VVAW has passed milestones such as it's 40th anniversary in 2007. This next spring May 4, 2010 will be the 40th anniversary for the shootings at Kent State. The 40th for the Jackson State shooting will follow on May 14. From the time these shootings occurred there has been an annual remembrance and a dedicated struggle to find the truth surrounding these grim events which are a part of our history. Through these 40 years VVAW with a local chapter at Kent and at the National Office have supported Kent State/Jackson State in a number of ways at different times. Placing their bodies on the line for a cause such as the gym struggle and participating in all types of remembrance events. Providing recognition to those students, KSU faculty and concerned citizens connected to the Kent State shootings who've worked continually to find the truth. Or giving financial support to the new Kent State Visitors Center. VVAW has remained connected and a partner to Kent State/Jackson State.

Upon the approach of the 30th anniversary a past article from the 1999 Fall/Winter issue of The Veteran by a former National Coordinator and dear friend Bill Davis entitled "Tin Soldiers and Nixon's Army: Murder at Kent State" does a very good job describing the political atmosphere around these shootings (see next article).Through the years we've had many from VVAW (too many to acknowledge here) give their time, energy, and even blood at Kent State. It is in this spirit that we hope to have a large contingent of VVAW at the 40th in Kent on May 2-5, 2010, with a kick-off concert at the Crystal Ballroom in Cleveland on May 1.The relevance of May 4, 1970 could not be more clear. The lessons to be learned have not been completed. The truth has yet to find it's way. War has not ended.

Bruce Hyland, Infantryman, Honor Guard, E/1/3 TOG.

<< 18. The Hero (poem)20. Tin Soldiers and Nixon's Army: Murder At Kent State >>