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VVAW Military Counseling Services Expanded


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VVAW Military Counseling Services expanded their services by hiring Johanna (Hans) Buwalda, a licensed counselor who has worked with war survivors for 20 years. She was a natural choice for this position since she had already volunteered for quite a while with IVAW and knew many veterans. Better yet, many veterans already knew to go see her with questions about trauma, adjustment, family issues, discharge upgrades, or if they simply wanted somebody to talk to. She has lived and worked in a war zone. Hans joined Ray Parrish, Sgt USAF 72-75, who is a certified veterans peer counselor with 30 years experience with VA claims. He is the son of a WWII/Vietnam Veteran.

Veterans, GIs, and their family members or friends:
Please call us if you or somebody you know:
  • Need treatment, military discharge or compensation for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or other medical or mental conditions.
  • Have been raped or abused and need treatment or help filing complaints.
  • Are considered by the military to be a deserter or AWOL/UA.
  • Are fighting unfair discharges for poor performance or misconduct.
  • Are fighting a discharge for homosexuality or are being denied such a discharge.
  • Have a conscience that won't allow fighting in a war and need advice on conscientious objection.
  • Have military service that is a hardship for themselves or their families.
  • Need help filing, supporting and winning VA Benefit Claims or appeals.
  • Need help changing the character or reason on a military discharge.
  • Want out of the military's Delayed Entry Program.
  • Have any other questions or issues related to military service that you want to consult about.
All services are free and confidential.

<< 13. New Opportunities for Veterans and GI Counseling15. After Action Report: VVAW SE Regional Conference >>