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Taken from Chicago IVAW Stands in Solidarity with Chicago Teachers Union by Sabrina Waller:

Singapore and Denmark are two nations that produce some of the best educational outcomes. In both cases, their teachers are paid as handsomely as their doctors. In short, you get what you pay for. I served in the United States Navy from 1998 to 2003. The Navy's slogan is "A Global Force for Good." We have a Navy of global proportions because we have made it a priority and have spent the requisite funds for such a force. We currently spend annually on our military more than all nations with military budgets combined. We have the biggest and strongest military in the world because we pay for it. We spend around 640 billion dollars on the Pentagon annually, yet the 2013 federal budget only asks for 47 billion dollars for education. That is why the US is ranked 14th out of the 34 most developed countries in education. What would the US look like if those figures were reversed?... Read More

Also In This Issue:

  1. Get Out and Vote: Demonstrate Our People Power by Bill Branson
  2. Disclaimer by VVAW
  3. Revisiting Vietnam: Agent Orange/Dioxin Devastation Continues by Susan Schnall
  4. Changes in VVAW's Military Counseling Project by Joe Miller
  5. Poll Wolves (cartoon) by Jeff Danziger
  6. Fraggin' by Bill Shunas
  7. Notes from the Boonies by Paul Wisovaty
  8. The Price of Freedom by Meg Miner
  9. War, Draft and the 26th Amendment by Joe Miller
  10. Organizing The Vote by Gregory Ross
  11. You're Voting for Your VA Medical... by Nick Medvecky
  12. Voting is the Least You Can Do by Horace Coleman
  13. Who's For Drones? (cartoon) by Jeff Danzinger
  14. Will the 2012 Presidential Election Be Stolen? by David Swanson
  15. VVAW Military and Veterans Counseling Traveling This Fall by Johanna (Hans) Buwalda
  16. Boots on the Ground/She Cried by Graham Clumpner
  17. A New Landmark in US History Opens at Kent State This Fall by Laura Davis
  18. Thank You VVAW by Aaron Hughes
  19. VVAW NYC Metro Area Updates by Brian Matarrese & Marty Webster
  20. Standing Up for Educational Justice: The 2012 Chicago Teachers Union Strike by Kurt Hilgendorf
  21. Chicago IVAW Stands in Solidarity with Chicago Teachers Union by Sabrina Waller
  22. Thank You for Your Service by Bill Ehrhart
  23. A Heart Felt Thank You by Gregory Ross
  24. Oxy, the Smart Bomb (cartoon) by Billy X. Curmano
  25. Againanam (poem) by Rick Harrienger
  26. Speaking Truth to Students by Michael Orange
  27. Patrick (poem) by W. D. Ehrhart
  28. Truth in Recruiting: Questions by Michael Orange
  29. Consensus (cartoon) by Jeff Danzinger
  30. US Children of Vietnam Vets Bring Message of Solidarity to Okinawa by Jon Mitchell
  31. Justice Denied Again... by Sukie Alexander Wachtendonk
  32. Statement on Madison's Pesticide Policy 6/23/03 by Zachary James Wachtendonk
  33. The Peace Boat by VVAW
  34. Army Suicides by John Ketwig
  35. Carrying the Torch by Matt Howard
  36. IVAW Anti-NATO Protest (photos) by VVAW
  37. Illuminating the Way: Anti-War Veterans Organize at Largest Military Base in US by Sarah Lazare
  38. Vietnam Savagery by Daniel Lavery
  39. Nagasaki by Francis Anthony Boyle, Jr.
  40. The Living and The "Disappeared" (formerly Seven by Nine) by Stephen Sinsley
  41. Internalize, Prioritize, Organize (poem) by Lura Stephanie Gaiek
  42. The Price of Admission by Marc Levy
  43. Chestnut Magic Makes The Tears Go and Come by Gregory Ross
  44. A Letter to Coffee Joe (A Strategic Analysis of Drone Warfare) by Jim Willingham
  45. Of Sports, Poverty, and Militarism in Haiti's Poorest Neighborhood by Geoff Millard
  46. About Face, Bloody Hell by David Swanson
  47. Joshua Eric Casteel: 1979-2012 by VVAW
  48. VVAW Memorial Day 2012 (photos) by VVAW
  49. Enlightenment Breaks Out on the USS Grand Canyon by Ken Dalton
  50. What is Mr. Putin Doing? (cartoon) by Jeff Danzinger
  51. RECOLLECTIONS: Vietnam Stevedores 1968 by Mark Fooks
  52. US Back in Vietnam (cartoon) by Jeff Danziger