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Download PDF of this issue: v29n2.pdf (11.4 MB)

Also In This Issue:

  1. Tin Soldiers and Nixon's Army: Murder At Kent State by Bill Davis
  2. Chicago's Veterans Day: SOA, Torture, Political Prisoners, Veterans' Health Care by Joe Miller
  3. From the National Office by Joe Miller
  4. Notes From the Boonies by Paul Wisovaty
  5. Fort Benning Vigil To Close The SOA by John Poole
  6. CAUTION: Military Service May Be Hazardous To Your Health! by Joe Miller
  7. Rockford Veterans Day Commemoration by Stanley Campbell
  8. Victim of Torture Speaks by Dr. Orlando Tizon
  9. Statement By The Survivors Of Torture To The President Of The United States And To Members Of The National Security Council by Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Committee (TASSC)
  10. Army Apologizes To World War II Vet by Robert Burns
  11. "Rod" Kane Dies At 53; Wrote Book On Vietnam by Bart Barnes
  12. Gar Macarthur 1921-1999 by VVAW
  13. Brainwashing Busts Out At Cecil Field by Mike Woloshin
  14. My View: On Standdowns by John Zutz
  15. Summer Homeless Standdown Report by Alex Bonick and Hank Emerle
  16. An Interview with Bao Ninh: Part One by Marc Levy
  17. My View: On the Draft by John Zutz
  18. A Gift from the State by Horace Coleman
  19. Building A Raft At The Pond by Dave Connolly
  20. Let Nicaragua Live by Louis De Benedette
  21. Open Letter To The U.S. Congress by VVAW Clarence Fitch Chapter - NY/NJ
  22. Clarence Fitch Chapter Statement on Vieques by Dave Cline
  23. Support Kosovar People's Right To Self-Determination! by Barry Romo, Joe Miller and Bill Branson
  24. United States Touts War 12 Million Rally for Peace in Colombia by Alynne Romo
  25. U Of I Doctoral Graduate Made Political Prisoner by Wilfredo Rosario Gonzalez
  26. El Grito De Lares by Dr. José Solís Jordán-González
  27. Thousands Affected By Agent Orange in Dak Lak by VVAW
  28. Memories of Nicaragua, 1986 by Michael Gillen

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