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From Tin Soldiers and Nixon's Army: Murder At Kent State by Bill Davis:

Reprinted from the Fall 1999 issue of The Veteran. "As the Ohio law says, use any force that's necessary, even to the point of shooting. We don't want to get into that, but the law says we can if necessary." - Major General Sylvester Del Corso at a press conference, May 3, 1970 On April 30, 1970, Richard Nixon doubled back on his promise to end the war in Vietnam by expanding the visible conflict and invading Cambodia, a neutral country. The American people, visibly tired of the ongoing conflict, reacted against the expansion of the war. Still unaware of the massive secret bombings of Laos and Cambodia, the anti-war movement reacted strongly to this new expansion. College campuses across the country were at the forefront of these actions. The political mood in Ohio and the events leading up to Kent State mirrored those of the nation. Labor unrest, civil rights struggles, and anti-war activities simmered and then boiled over in the spring of 1970... Read More

Also In This Issue:

  1. Supporters Rally to Save Our Veterans Land by Steve Crandall
  2. Building a GI and Veterans Movement by IVAW Field Organizing Team [Chantelle Batemen (East Coast), Jason Hurd (Southeast), Aaron Hughes (Central and Team Leader), Joseph Callen (West)]
  3. From the National Office by Bill Branson
  4. Fraggin' by Bill Shunas
  5. Notes From the Boonies by Paul Wisovaty
  6. More US Casualties in Afghanistan (cartoon) by Jeff Danziger
  7. My View - On Generals by John Zutz
  8. My View - On Torture and Safety by John Zutz
  9. Fog of War by Harold Trainer
  10. CA Central Coast Chapter of VVAW: Something New Pays Off by Carolyn Crandall
  11. Oxy, the Smart Bomb (cartoon) by Billy X. Curmano
  12. Pleiku Jacket (poem) by Thomas Brinson
  13. New Opportunities for Veterans and GI Counseling by Ray Parrish
  14. VVAW Military Counseling Services Expanded by VVAW
  15. After Action Report: VVAW SE Regional Conference by Willie Hager
  16. Report From The Rear by Gregory Ross
  17. 58,195 (poem) by Tim Bagwell
  18. The Hero (poem) by Paul Hellweg
  19. Kent State 40th Anniversary by Bruce Hyland
  20. Tin Soldiers and Nixon's Army: Murder At Kent State by Bill Davis
  21. A Message from Jose Vasquez, Executive Director of IVAW by Jose Vasquez
  22. The Decision to Hold the G20 Summit in My Home Town by Joyce Wagner
  23. Sullivan Campaign '09: Part 1 by Joshua Noehrenberg
  24. Iraq: What Now For IVAW? by T.J. Buonomo
  25. Iraqi Labor Tour DC Report by Denice Lombard
  26. Sgt. Israel Garcia: The Ritual (poem) by Horace Coleman
  27. Pain (poem) by Paul Hellweg
  28. Winning Was Never An Option in Vietnam by Joe Miller (reviewer)
  29. No Reason For Dying by Horace Coleman (reviewer)
  30. Book Note by Jerry Lembcke
  31. Men Don't Cry by Joseph Giannini
  32. RECOLLECTIONS: Dedicated REMF Then and Dedicated REMF Now by Steve Crandall
  33. With General McChrystal at the Little Big Horn (cartoon) by Jeff Danziger

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