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Download PDF of this issue: v34n1.pdf (11.3 MB)

Also In This Issue:

  1. Anybody But Bush by VVAW National Staff and Coordinators
  2. VVAW Participation in March 20, 2004 Demonstrations by VVAW
  3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) by VVAW National Office
  4. Veteran thanks by VVAW Veteran Collective
  5. Fraggin' by Bill Shunas
  6. Notes from the Boonies by Paul Wisovaty
  7. My View: On Heroism by John Zutz
  8. Flak Vest cartoon by Jeff Danziger
  9. VVAW Letter of Support by VVAW National Office
  10. Leave No Vet Behind by Ray Parrish
  11. Milwaukee Standdown by Bob Riggle
  12. Chicago Homeless Vets Standdown by Meg Miner
  13. Milwaukee Beer Festival by John Zutz
  14. The Status of My Case by Diedra Cobb
  15. This History's Bunk by Kurt Hilgendorf (Reviewer)
  16. What's the Point of Poetry? by W.D. Ehrhart (Reviewer)
  17. In A Fog: Robert McNamara and the Rhetoric of Repentance by Edith Shillue (Reviewer)
  18. Stolen Valor - Stolen Legacy by Dave Curry (Reviewer)
  19. Proof That a Draft is Being Readied for 2005? by Rick Jahnkow
  20. Action Alert: Zero Tolerance for Torture by TASSC
  21. From Frontline to Homefront by Ron Betts (Reviewer)
  22. Being Part of the Journey by John Lindquist
  23. John Kerry's Band of Brothers by Bill Andrews
  24. Who Is The Real John Kerry? by S. Brian Willson
  25. Tonkin Gulf to WMD: Lies, Anniversaries and More Lies by Joe Miller
  26. Gulf-Era Vet Speaks Against War by Paul King
  27. The Past by Horace Coleman
  28. Winter Soldier by Donald Dzagulones
  29. Cookie Monsters by Marc Levy
  30. Oxy, the Smart Bomb cartoon by Billy X. Curmano
  31. Sheldon Ramsdell Archives by Linda Alband
  32. New Film to Shine Light on GI Movement by David Zeiger
  33. Why I Joined VVAW by Rich Peters
  34. Flags In The Wind poem by Harvey Taylor
  35. Other Photos by VVAW
  36. A freedom fighter, a brother, my old friend remembered . . . Gary Lawton has died by Mark Z. Hartford
  37. Bob Waddell (1952-2004) by Gerald Nicosia
  38. Pedro Pietri by Ben Chitty
  39. James Major Gates, Jr. - R.I.P. by Ray Parrish
  40. Why I Joined VVAW by Lily Lee Adams
  41. Why I Joined VVAW by Meg Miner
  42. Coca-Cola by Joseph Giannini
  43. Stay the Course cartoon by Jeff Danziger

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