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From VVAW Homecoming in Milwaukee by Dave Collins:

John "Party Animal" Lindquist It was the evening of August 16, 2003. The day before had been momentous: the last government bond issued to pay for the Vietnam war finally had matured. Milwaukee VVAW was hosting a "mortgage-burning party" at the Tasting Room, home to quite a few VVAW events over the years. So how does a guy from the Hill Country of Texas end up in a West Side pub celebrating finally having paid off a stupid, evil mistake? It had been almost 30 years since I was in the company of a roomful of VVAW brothers and sisters. I ended up in that pub surrounded by good fellowship — and really great blues — in much the same way a lot of vets are coming back to their peace and social justice roots. The devil made me do it. Or devils — the chickenhawks and their handlers and feeders from the neocon right. The process for me started with the stolen election, but it did not flower until the early days of the Afghanistan invasion... Read More

Also In This Issue:

  1. Living with Lies by Dave Curry, Joe Miller and Barry Romo
  2. George W. Bush Reaches a New Low in Support of the Nation's Veterans by Dave Curry, Joe Miller and Barry Romo
  3. From the National Office by Joe Miller and Barry Romo
  4. Fraggin' by Bill Shunas
  5. Notes From the Boonies by Paul Wisovaty
  6. My View by John Zutz
  7. Cheney-Halliburton cartoon by Jeff Danziger
  8. VVAW Homecoming in Milwaukee by Dave Collins
  9. The Horribles Parade by Marc Levy
  10. Vieques Celebrates Navy's Departure by David Cline
  11. Military Families and Vets Speak Out by Dave Collins
  12. Stories of VVAW by Kurt Hilgendorf (Reviewer)
  13. Still a Force for Peace by Jerry Lembcke (Reviewer)
  14. Vet Health Care Cut cartoon by Jeff Danziger
  15. Memorial Day in Chicago by Janet Curry
  16. A Military Resister's Words on Memorial Day by Diedra Cobb
  17. Historical Photos by VVAW
  18. War Really Is Hell by Bill Leary
  19. Someone Else's Sons and Daughters by Douglas Nelson
  20. Mysterious Ways by Susan O'Neil
  21. Intense Male Bonding by Kenneth Hermann (Reviewer)
  22. Jonathan Schell: An Appreciation by Bill Kelly
  23. Arthur Kinoy, People's Lawyer by Barry Romo
  24. Oxy, The Smart Bomb cartoon by Billy X. Curmano
  25. What Brings It All Back by Dave Connolly
  26. R.I.P. Harry Fisher by Ben Chitty
  27. They Lied! poem by Morgan Haner
  28. Letters to the Editor by Arthur J. Toegemann
  29. Letters to the Editor by Arnold Steiber
  30. Waking Up To Peace by Arnold Steiber
  31. Interventions cartoon by Jeff Danziger

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