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Taken from Candi Mestayer-Culp Memories by VVAW Family:

From Candi's entry in the VVAW 50th Anniversary Guest Book Candi Mestayer-Culp I first heard of VVAW in 1972 in St Louis, MO, at a local community college. I was 17, and knew immediately that this was the anti-war group for me. The St. Louis chapter hosted the Milwaukee VVAW Chapter, friendships were made, and I soon moved to Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Chapter was the social and political center of our lives; it was the glue that held (and helped) a diverse group of people unite and survive. A shout out to John Lindquist and Annie Bailey who gave their time and money, as well as opened their home, to the many vets who sought refuge, compassion and understanding. I am not a veteran, but have always been proud to stand beside my VVAW brothers and sisters, the true anti-war patriots. Nancy Grider Candi once decided to help Madagascar by having the president of that country bring some plants that were going extinct in his country.... Read More

Also In This Issue:

  1. Fascism is Not an Option by VVAW National Office
  2. We Have To Be Winter Soldiers by Bill Branson
  3. Agent Orange Update by John Lindquist
  4. Notes from the Boonies by Paul Wisovaty
  5. Fraggin' by Bill Shunas
  6. Recollections of 1971 by VVAW members
  7. Defund the Pentagon by John Ketwig
  8. R. I. P. Alan Canfora by VVAW
  9. Thoughts on Sacrifice by Jack Mallory
  10. VVAW Library Project: Changes and Updates by Chuck Theusch
  11. Memorial Day by Paul Hague
  12. The Night You Returned (poem) by W. D. Ehrhart
  13. Spreading Goodwill: Supporting Education of Poor Children in Vietnam by Bhavia Wagner
  14. Memories of '71 by Jan Barry
  15. Memories of the Winter Soldier Investigation by Barry Romo as told to Jeff Machota
  16. 50 Years Ago by John Lindquist
  17. Dewey Canyon III: A Limited Incursion into the Country of Congress by as told to Richard Stacewicz
  18. Decades Later (poem) by Daniel E. Rihn
  19. Recollections: Nearly 50 Years as a Member of VVAW by Mike Woloshin
  20. From 1971 to Today's VA, My Little Buffet by Jim Wohlgemuth
  21. First Week by Marc Levy
  22. Veterans Day, 1971 by Peter P. Mahoney
  23. Tucker Carlson Criticizes Women in the Military (cartoon) by Jeff Danziger
  24. Photos from the VVAW Archives - Dewey Canyon III, April 1971 by VVAW
  25. In Loving Memory of Candida "Candi" Mestayer-Culp by John Lindquist
  26. Candi Mestayer-Culp Memories by VVAW Family
  27. Memories of Dennis Kroll by Pat Lisi
  28. Fighting Sleep: The War for the Mind and the US Military by Joe Miller (reviewer)
  29. The War Against Ourselves by Sunny Miller
  30. The Age of Illusions by John Ketwig (reviewer)
  31. Vietnam Veterans Unbroken by rg cantalupo (reviewer)
  32. Battle Green Vietnam by Tom Gery (reviewer)
  33. Brothers in the Mekong Delta by Bart House (reviewer)
  34. A Very Different Book About Vietnam by Ed White (reviewer)
  35. Taking Fire by Tom Gery (reviewer)
  36. Patriotic Dissent by John Ketwig (reviewer)
  37. Elsewhere Than Vietnam by Steve Krug (reviewer)
  38. TAPS: The Silent Victims of the Vietnam War by Bonnie Caracciolo (reviewer)
  39. Then the Americans Came by John Ketwig (reviewer)
  40. Oxy, the Wise Bomb (cartoon) by Billy X. Curmano
  41. More photos from the VVAW Archives - Dewey Canyon III, April 1971 by VVAW
  42. FTA! Behind the Scenes on the Anti-war Show Tour in Asia by Elaine Elinson
  43. Talismans by E. C. Streeter
  44. A Day in the Gulf of Tonkin: 1972 Christmas Bombing Campaign by John Barton House
  45. US Troops Stationed Inside the Capitol (cartoon) by Jeff Danziger
  46. Silent Scream by Paul Giannone
  47. Peaches (poem) by rg cantalupo
  48. The Ducks On the Hoi An River (poem) by rg cantalupo
  49. Section 60 at Arlington (poem) by Horace Coleman
  50. Memorial Day for the First Dead (poem) by Larry Kerschner
  51. An Ally Confronts the Draft by Jeff Koon
  52. Chasing the Light by John Crandell (reviewer)
  53. I Ain't Marching Anymore by John Ketwig (reviewer)
  54. Sharing Experiences In Songs Is Helping Vietnam Vets to Heal by Bill Christofferson (reviewer)
  55. Rats by Jim Richardson
  56. Troops Take Up Defensive Positions in the Nation's Capital (cartoon) by Jeff Danziger