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Download PDF of this issue: v46n1.pdf (21 MB)

Taken from Agent Orange Barrels by Jim Wachtendonk:

I think everyone knows of someone touched by Agent Orange, the chemical defoliant used in Vietnam. To emphasize the cost in lives of our brothers and sisters I began a Booneytunes Art Project in 2011 with one 20-gallon drum painted like an AO barrel with a side that reads, "Do you know someone touched by AO? Please put their names on this AO barrel so they might be remembered. Perhaps others will remember as well." I started displaying the AO barrel locally and it's found a home at The Wisconsin Veterans Museum in Madison, Wisconsin, The High Ground Veterans Memorial Park in Nielsville, Wisconsin, art shows, and even the farmers market. The names began to multiply quickly with testimonials folks had written that show the significant and poignant cost AO has bequeathed to Vietnam veterans and our families. Now, in 2016, the number of AO barrels has risen to four and I can see a fifth and sixth down the road.... Read More

Also In This Issue:

  1. Vietnamese Visit New York and DC by Susan M. Schnall
  2. How A Swede Became a VVAW Member by Per Odman
  3. The Importance of Vietnam and VVAW: Then and Now by Bill Branson
  4. Photos From The Archives by VVAW
  5. Notes from the Boonies by Paul Wisovaty
  6. Vietnam: My Story by Stanley Campbell
  7. Fraggin' by Bill Shunas
  8. Agent Orange Barrels by Jim Wachtendonk
  9. Take Action To Get Co-Sponsors for HR 2114: Victims of Agent Orange Relief Act of 2015 by Susan Schnall
  10. Chemical Time Bomb in Vietnam Veterans: Defoliant Agent Orange Exposed by VVAW
  11. Vet Dies of Agent Orange Poisoning: Vietnam Vet Wins Disability Before Death by VVAW
  12. Boots on the Ground (cartoon) by Jeff Danziger
  13. From Southeast Asia to Southeast USA: The War as a Constant by Joe Miller
  14. Fifty Years Ago by Frank da Cruz
  15. Leaving Vietnam in 1966 by Allen Meece
  16. 1966 by Leon Wengrzyn
  17. A Warning by John Ketwig
  18. Psychedelics for PTSD: What a Long Strange Trip It's Been by Virgil Huston
  19. Welcome Home by Yesenia Flores
  20. Home: Stolen by Gregory Ross
  21. Zak and the Grapes by Jim Wachtendonk
  22. Monterey Fort Ord by Stephen B. Ward
  23. One Step by Joseph Giannini
  24. Standard Operating Procedures by Gregory Ross
  25. The Military Solution (cartoon) by Jeff Danziger
  26. The Misfortunes of Mr. Fowler by Marc Levy
  27. General Odierno, Commander of the Iraq Success, is Hired by Jamie Dimon (cartoon) by Jeff Danziger
  28. The Burn Pits by John Ketwig (reviewer)
  29. We Gotta Get Out of This Place by John Ketwig (reviewer)
  30. Finger Paintings by Michael Burke (reviewer)
  31. We Gotta Get Out Of This Place by John Zutz (reviewer)
  32. New Pentagon War Manual Reduces Us To "Level of Nazis" by Sherwood Ross (interviewer)
  33. Guns and Drums (poem) by Minnie Warburton
  34. The Devil's Chessboard by John Ketwig (reviewer)
  35. Dave Cline Was The First To Shake My Hand And Say Welcome Home Brother (poem) by Nathan Lewis
  36. American Refuge (poem) by C.F. Harrienger, Jr.
  37. Meeting The Enemy: A Marine Goes Home by Aaron M. Davis (reviewer)
  38. Waging Peace by Paul K. Chappell (reviewer)
  39. snapshots from the edge of a war by Chris Fischer (reviewer)
  40. McNamara's Band (poem) by Freddy Dolgon
  41. Army Reserve Officer Against the Vietnam War by Gerald E. Mikkelson
  42. Last Plane Out of Saigon by Daniel C. Lavery (reviewer)
  43. Frankie and Jonny and Mommy Too by Daniel C. Lavery (reviewer)
  44. An Idea, and Bullets by Jack Mallory (reviewer)
  45. Oxy, the Wise Bomb (cartoon) by Billy X. Curmano
  46. When I Was Stupid by Bill Shunas
  47. From a Letter to a Hootchmate by John Crandell
  48. New Year (poem) by Madeleine Mysko
  49. Blood on Canvas (poem) by Judy Posusney
  50. Rice Paddies (poem) by David Sandgrund
  51. Inspired by Ashby Leach by James Bentley
  52. Vet Battles For Better Life: Free Ashby Leach by VVAW
  53. Am I the Only One Who Saw This? by Gary Hubbard
  54. Epiphany (poem) by Sherwood Ross
  55. Vinh Long, 1st View (poem) by David Sandgrund
  56. US Admits "Mistake" in Bombing Hospital (cartoon) by Jeff Danziger
  57. April 24, 1971: Washington, DC by John Retallack
  58. Remembering David Curry by Tom Ashby
  59. Letter to Editor by Mike C. Bodine
  60. RECOLLECTIONS: Ponchos and Memory by Peter Sablock
  61. It's NOT the Boots on the Ground that Matter... (cartoon) by Jeff Danziger
  62. Shooting Flies with My M16 by Mike Paul