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From My View by John Zutz:

Repeat a lie often enough and people will begin to believe it. Adolph Hitler knew that. Others are practicing it today. The lie? That everything has changed since September 11. But the change overseas hasn't been that large. The people who hated us on September 10 hated us September 10 the year before. They probably hated us for the ten September 10s before that. The big lie tells us they hate us for what we believe or what we say we stand for. The truth is they hate us for what we do. We are seen as bullies. We use the big stick more often than the soft speech. The two biggest changes have been in the United States. First, there's the changed perception of George W. Bush, who has morphed from a not-too-bright business failure into a Leader With Vision. The emotional reaction and the neo-patriotism engendered by the attack on the States have caused many Americans to follow blindly... Read More

Also In This Issue:

  1. Vietnam Veterans Against the War Statement on the "War Against Terrorism" by VVAW National Office
  2. Questioning the Anti-Terrorist War in the Philippines by Orlando Tizon
  3. From the National Office by Joe Miller
  4. Fraggin' by Bill Shunas
  5. Notes from the Boonies by Paul Wisovaty
  6. The Show Goes On: VVAW Honors Veterans in the Concrete Bunker by Ann Goethals
  7. First Winter Soldier Service Award Presented by Barry Romo
  8. Chicago Standdown Winter 2001 by VVAW
  9. Veterans Day, Milwaukee by Bob Riggle
  10. Open Letter to the New York Metro Area Congressional Delegation by VVAW, Clarence Fitch Chapter
  11. An Interview with Barry Willdorf by Jeanne Friedman
  12. The Veteran as Nigger by Raymond Parrish
  13. Terrorism Funded by USA, A Colombian Friend of VVAW Murdered by Barry Romo
  14. Returning to Vietnam in 2002 by John Poole
  15. Where Do We Go From Here? by W. D. Ehrhart
  16. My View by John Zutz
  17. New Definitions of Reality by Horace Coleman
  18. Letters to VVAW by VVAW
  19. In Memory of Chaim Shatan: the Human Being, the Organizer, the Artist by Arthur Egendorf
  20. James Edward Pechin (1947-2002) by Joe Bangert
  21. Paula Barry by David Cline
  22. The Corner of the Dead: Ayacucho, Peru by Louis De Benedette
  23. International Criminal Court Imminent by Carl Nyberg
  24. There Was No Music Soundtrack in Vietnam by Paul Cox (Reviewer)
  25. Only Those Who Have Died Will Ever See the End of War by Bob Riggle (Reviewer)
  26. Afghanistan Veteran Once Removed by Dave Curry (Reviewer)
  27. Vietnam Journal: Willimantic - 11.10.00 by Marc Levy
  28. With Apologies to Lincoln and JFK by Mike Gehl
  29. Army/Navy Surplus by Gregory Ross
  30. Someone Else's Recollection by Dave Curry
  31. Who Deserves Pay Raises? by Sandra J. Fulton

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