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GRENADE of The Month

By Bill Shunas

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This month's grenade sends shrapnel to three men: Vice-Admiral George Kinnear, Commander of the Atlantic Fleet Carrier Force; Rear Admiral Robert F. Dunn, Commander of Carrier Group 8; and Captain William Meyer, CO of the aircraft carrier "America."

In February a cross was burned on the mess deck of the carrier "America." Two days later, Black Airman Apprentice Anthony Ran-dole was "accidentally" run over by a plane in tow. A few days later some degenerates were seen running around wearing white sheets.

Kinnear and Dunn headed an investigation which--lo and behold-found no major problems. "We've honestly looked into these incidents and didn't see anything," Kinnear said. "I don't think there is any foundation for concern..."

Captain Meyer told a group of Black seamen that "if they thought (Randole's death) was related to anything else, they were quite wrong."

Kinnear and Dunn look and can't see. Meyer says nothing is related to nothing. Cowards in white robes, cross-burnings, lynchings and racism over the last hundred years mean nothing. It all just happens. The Navy can't "see" the Klan or any connection between events. In the meantime, the "America" is back at sea.

<< 10. Fraggin'12. 'Deer Hunter' Is Good Drama, But Bad History >>