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"Days of Decision" and "I Refuse" Now Available as Kindle eBooks


VVAW member Jerry Gioglio announces that two highly acclaimed titles on the Vietnam-era peace movement are now available as eBooks; Days of Decision: An Oral History of Conscientious Objectors In The Military During The Vietnam War, by Gerald R. Gioglio, and I Refuse: Memories of A Vietnam War Objector, by Donald L. Simons.

The Days of Decision Kindle Edition features the peace and war stories of 24 soldiers, sailors and airmen. Some went to Vietnam as noncombatant combat medics. Some went to prison for standing up for their beliefs. Some were discharged for war resistance and their conscientious objection to the war. Days of Decision resonates with Vietnam veterans. It provided inspiration to anti-war GIs during Operation Desert Storm and it continues to speak to military men and women struggling with issues of conscience. This title was honored with a Booklist starred review.

The I Refuse Kindle Edition is also set against the backdrop of the Vietnam War. It details the author's attempts to be true to his conscience and to obtain justice from the Selective Service System and the courts. According to Gioglio, who edited the work, "This is an excellent title for Vietnam era historians, peace activists and those seeking to understand the experiences of average young men struggling with issues of conscience. The focus here is on the civilian experience, however, active duty military personnel considering conscientious objection will also find it an inspiration and a help."

Kindle eBooks are compatable with Apps for BlackBerry, Mac, iPad and iPhone. Both titles can be ordered online from or in print and eBook editions from GRGbookseller at:

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