From Vietnam Veterans Against the War,

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58,195 (poem)

By Tim Bagwell

We built a wall for 58,195.
They built cemeteries for millions.

We stand back and admire our shiny black slash,
hurling away, as so much worthless trash,
the lessons we could have learned.

The embossed names have morphed now
into those who died in vain
while we shit on their sacrifices and
despise all who would disagree.

- Tim Bagwell

Tim Bagwell served in Vietnam from January to July 1969 with Bravo, 1/9, 3rd Marine Div. He was pulled out when Nixon pulled out the first 25,000 troops that summer. He was assigned to 8th and I and later was appointed the orderly to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, then Navy Admiral Thomas Moorer. He joined VVAW and participated in Dewey Canyon III - Dewey Canyon I was his first operation in Vietnam. He is a life time member of VVAW and continues to wear a peace pin daily.

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