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Some Photos from the 1970s
It all started in 1967, with six Vietnam veterans marching together in a peace demonstration. Now, forty-nine years later, VVAW is still going strong-- continuing its fight for peace, justice, and the rights of all veterans.

Explore these pages; see what we've done, what we do, and why we do it. The struggle continues, perhaps these days more than ever. VVAW has never stopped working to protect the welfare of those who served their country.

Will you join us?

march Latest Commentary: Taken from "Veterans Fight Back" by Bill Branson:

From the National Office The beating of the war drums has picked up significantly, with the 2016 presidential elections campaign well underway... Read More

Excerpt From  THE VETERAN:  Now Online

Taken from From Vietnam to Alabama: Special Agents by David Curry:

This first appeared in the Spring/Summer 1999 issue of The Veteran. August 1971 marked a crucial month in what would become the longest war in US history. The Nixon doctrine of Vietnamization was replacing the failed Kennedy-Johnson doctrine of "winning hearts and minds." For the American people, the war seemed to have dragged on interminably or been forgotten. That past spring, anti-war demonstrators including Vietnam Veterans Against the War had brought the nation's capital to a halt, more than once. In the coming fall, mutinying GI's would just as frequently bring parts of the war to a halt. Attica had happened. George Jackson was killed allegedly attempting to escape from prison. It was a month in my life when I would be personally involved in one of the many personal confrontations between individuals that would ultimately connect into the Vietnam experience... Read More


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