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Some Photos from the 1970s

It all started in 1967, with six Vietnam veterans marching together in a peace demonstration. Now, fifty-one years later, VVAW is still going strong-- continuing its fight for peace, justice, and the rights of all veterans.

Explore these pages; see what we've done, what we do, and why we do it. The struggle continues, perhaps these days more than ever. VVAW has never stopped working to protect the welfare of those who served their country.

Will you join us?

march Latest Commentary: From the National Office For fifty years, VVAW has had three continuing missions: agitation to end our war and stop wars like it; therapy in action and discussion for those who fought the war and needed to deal with what was then called Post-Vietnam Syndrome (now PTSD); and, ul...

Taken from "VVAW Still Teaching the American War in Vietnam: On Burns/Novick "The Vietnam War"" by Joe Miller Read More

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Excerpt From  THE VETERAN:  Now Online

Taken from VVAW 50th Celebrations by VVAW:

VVAW held two gatherings in September to celebrate our 50th Anniversary. September 10, 2017 we gathered in Milwaukee in the back room of the historic Falcon Bowl. John Zutz secured the premises and some food. Mark Runle brought more food. Barry Romo and Jim and Sukie Wachtendonk brought the banners and photo albums to share. VVAW members, friends and family from Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago caught up and shared memories over drinks. John Lindquist even called in from England. VVAW banners hanging in the back room of the Polish Falcon Bowl in Milwaukee. September 16, 2017 we gathered in New York at Connolly's Pub in the middle of Manhattan. Brian Matarrese and Susan Schnall secured the room (which we've used for many events in the past) and the VVAW 50th anniversary cake... Read More


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